Can you help your neighbour at this Time

The corona virus crisis has impacted us all in many ways, and will continue to do so for many weeks and even months.

At this time we would like to offer you our help, support, and prayers as your parish church, alongside other helpers from the community.

If you are self ­isolating, we would love to help you with picking up your shopping and urgent supplies.

If you are able to help those in need, please get in touch; alongside others we are coordinating a response in Canford Cliffs.

This is a hard time for local businesses as well, and we are glad to be able to let you know that:

ComptonAcres(700778) are happy to help with deliveries of basic groceries and simple  meals.

Oxfords Bakery(701700) can deliver bread,milk, and eggs.

If you need help,or can offer help,please contact  us :

The Vicarage tel: 01202 700341